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Though changes such as no-fault divorce have revamped matrimonial law in Connecticut and elsewhere, it is still essential to hire a strong advocate to protect your rights. At the Law Offices of H. Dyke N. Spear, Jr., we know that even an amicable breakup can become acrimonious very quickly. That is why our West Hartford firm delivers comprehensive support to divorcing spouses in Hartford, Middlesex and Tolland counties. For more than 30 years, attorney Dyke N. Spear, Jr. has achieved successful results in custody, alimony, property and child support disputes. Regardless of your specific circumstances or financial situation, we can provide reliable representation that leads to a positive outcome.

Connecticut lawyer advises clients on a full range of divorce issues

As an experienced family law attorney, Dyke N. Spear, Jr. has the legal and practical knowledge necessary to assert your rights when conflicts arise relating to:

  • Child custody — When courts review a child custody matter, they attempt to craft a decision that meets the best interests of the child. A key concern is maintaining as much stability as possible in the young person’s routine. This often means that the parent who does more of the day-to-day caregiving will be granted primary residential custody. Whatever your situation is, we work diligently to establish a fair custody and visitation arrangement.
  • Alimony — Connecticut law imposes a continuing duty on many ex-spouses to provide financial maintenance for a less affluent former partner. Our firm devotes individualized attention to each case so that the court is aware of the information needed to make an appropriate judgment.
  • Child support — Judges have wide latitude in setting child support rates for noncustodial parents. Whether you were married or not, we help ensure that complete, correct information is used during the court’s evaluation. We also litigate child support modification and enforcement actions.

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Skillful litigator protects your interests when a marriage ends

Some divorce attorneys view themselves as social workers and steer their clients toward alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes that emphasize “healing” over advocacy. While we support ADR for contested custody and visitation issues, we believe that the adversarial system is the best forum for property and alimony concerns. Formal discovery means that you can rely on a thorough inventory of assets. This type of honest dealing leads to lasting settlements. ADR processes may be “friendlier,” but they include pitfalls that can cause serious problems later. For instance, collaborative divorce sometimes limits discovery. How can you trust your settlement when you didn't see everything that was at stake?

Knowledgeable advocate uses mediation to resolve parenting issues

Mediation tends to work well for parenting issues, such as visitation, which rely on continuing cooperation after the divorce. Reaching agreement in these matters fosters positive communication going forward. However, mediation is woefully inadequate for property division disputes. Under the state’s equitable distribution system, courts are bound to determine what is fair. The best way to achieve fairness is for each side to present a formidable argument on their own behalf rather than potentially surrendering their rights in order to achieve consensus. When you consider that in the state of Connecticut, family law mediators don’t even have to be lawyers, you start to understand why veteran Hartford lawyers, and even many judges, have become cynical about mediated settlements.

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