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Preserving your parent-child relationships

When dealing with the contentious issue of child custody, it’s important to establish realistic goals and expectations.

At The Law Offices of H. Dyke N. Spear, Jr., we firmly assert your parental rights and pursue a course that benefits you and serves the best interests of your children. However, the reality of the Hartford family law situation is that the average middle-class person can’t afford a custody fight. Nor is it necessary for them to engage in one. We can negotiate a manageable plan for joint custody or a generous visitation schedule without the slash-and-burn tactics that draw out your divorce proceedings and drive up your costs.

Presumptions in favor of the custodial parent

Fathers often complain that mothers are given an unreasonable advantage in custody disputes. While there may be an element of sexism involved, most often the court simply finds in favor of the parent who has been present in the children’s lives and actively engaged in their upbringing. When a father, who has delegated child-rearing to his wife, suddenly fears losing the contact he’d been taking for granted, it’s natural for him to demand “equal treatment.” But that’s often unrealistic on his part; whatever career obligations had kept him preoccupied will continue to exist, preventing him from fulfilling his duties as even a part-time custodial parent. In setting reasonable expectations, it’s important to look honestly at your history of parental involvement, because the court will weigh that heavily. More often than not, fathers find that a generous visitation schedule with occasional overnight visits suits their lifestyle better and allows them stress-free time to spend with their children.

Motivations under heavy scrutiny

The court is aware that some Hartford lawyers will encourage their male clients to pursue shared custody as a way to limit child support payments. This tactic rarely works and can discredit the father in the eyes of the court. We discourage gamesmanship and manipulation in areas where your children are concerned. The court will base its decisions on what it perceives to be “the best interest of the child.” Your strategy should reflect that as well.

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